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Tips For Parents Thinking Of Renting A Walk-Up Apartment

Walk-up apartments offer some fantastic advantages that appeal to some renters. Tenants of walk-up apartments get a great workout on a daily basis, and some walk-up apartments are less expensive than other types of apartments. Still, walk-up apartments present challenges to parents of young children. If you're a parent thinking of renting a walk-up apartment, these tips will help you manage life in a walk-up and may help you pick the right apartment for your needs.

Pick the Right Walk-Up Apartment for Your Family

As you shop around for apartments, look for apartment buildings that have certain qualities that will help you keep yourself and your children safe.

  • Set a limit. Living in a 5th floor walk-up probably isn't reasonable if you have three young children. Before you start apartment hunting, decide how many stairs flights of stairs are just too much.
  • Look for a building with landings. Landings break up stairways and prevent people who fall down the stairs from falling great distances. Look for walk-up apartments that offer landings at regular intervals, just in case your child should ever trip on the stairs.
  • Look for specific safety features. The stairway in your walk-up apartment building should have a non-skid surface to prevent trips and falls down the stairs. In addition, mats placed just inside the front entrance will prevent rainwater from making the stairs from getting slippery when it rains.

Know Which Products Will Help You

Once you've picked a walk-up apartment to rent, these products will help you get prepared for life in a walk-up apartment.

  • Baby carriers. Baby carriers offer a great way to carry your infant from place to place while keeping your hands free.
  • Lightweight stroller. Umbrella strollers are easy to fold up and carry down stairs, and also weigh significantly less than standard strollers.
  • Baby backpack (instead of a baby bag). Carry your child and baby accessories on your back. Backpacks are easier to walk with while holding a child's hand, or carrying a baby.

Teach Your Children Stairway Safety

If your children are able to walk up and down the stairs themselves, they'll need to learn the basic rules of stairway safety. Teach your child to take only one stair one at a time, and to hold on to the railing. Your child should not walk on the stairs alone until he or she is able to do so safely.

In some urban areas, walk-up apartment rental is so common it's almost unavoidable. Following these tips will help you find the right apartment for your needs, and also help you manage life in your apartment when you've finally moved in. If you're looking for some apartments in your area, visit Dale Forest Apartments.

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