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How Not To Behave At A Luxury Hotel

If you ever get the chance to stay at a four or five star hotel, there are certain dos and don'ts you need to familiarize yourself with. Just as you might expect people to behave at a cheap motel (loud, drunk, disorderly), there are certain rules of etiquette to follow when staying at a luxury hotel. Here's what not to do.

Not Tipping

Remember that hotel porters, doormen, and cleaning staff make most of their income from tips. They provide a service to you, and not tipping is considered cold and unbecoming. Tip the parking valet when you drop off and pick up your car. Tip the doorman upon arrival and departure from your stay at the hotel.

Tip porters after they carry your bags for you, coming and going. And lastly, tip the cleaning staff, for theirs is the most foul and frightful of hotel jobs. Leave a cash tip where they will easily see it, such as on the desk or night stand.

Being Loud and Unruly

If you are in any way displeased with your bill or a negative experience that you feel was caused by the hotel staff, do not lose your cool and lash out at the desk attendant or any member of the hotel staff. Keep a calm demeanor and explain your situation to the manager. Try to reach an understanding without resorting to rude and unseemly behavior. Kindness and politeness will get you further with hotel staff.

As guests of the hotel, being loud in your room or the hallways and lobby is just plain wrong. This means no loud parties, no watching the TV at a blaring volume, and no yelling. This is a courtesy not only to the hotel, but the other hotel guests as well.

Acting Inappropriately toward Staff

Treat the cleaning staff politely. Do not engage in inappropriate conversations, and if they should come to clean your room and you are not yet dressed, tell them to please come back later. It is not appropriate to be there in the room while the staff is cleaning, so if you cannot leave, politely ask them to return later. Try to keep the room as clean as you possibly can. Do not leave trash out; throw it away.

Stealing Items in Room

Bathrobes, towels, and dishes are the hotel's property, and stealing is akin to petty theft. It is highly unfitting and in poor taste to pack any such items out with you. Taking consumables, such as soaps and lotions, is your choice. Those types of items are expected to be used. 

If you have any complaints or questions, speak to the manager about them and try to get any problems resolved in a peaceful manner. It is a treat to stay in a hotel like the Main Street Hotel, so make the best of it and enjoy it.

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