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What Features Are Included When Staying At AFB Crash Pads

When student pilots are taking their flight training it is an exciting time. However, it is very important that students have a comfortable environment when not training to help them focus on studying for their upcoming exams. This is why AFB crash pads are ideal for flight students to lodge in during their training.

They can enjoy the same comforts they have at home while staying in a place that has the amenities of a high quality hotel. These are the features that are offered to flight students who stay in AFB crash pads:

Living Areas 

The living space in these crash pads is designed with comfort in mind. The spacious great rooms have numerous recliners, large dining areas and modern bars with plenty of pub style seating. 

The beautiful hardwood floors and newly-carpeted areas make these crash pads feel even more inviting. Industrial-size appliances, such as washers and dryers and refrigerators, make staying in the AFB crash pads even more comfortable and convenient. A full-sized kitchen also offers plenty of room for preparing delicious meals as often as desired.

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

The bedrooms have queen sized beds with pillow top mattresses. This is to ensure that student pilots can get their much needed rest during their stay and relax in complete comfort. Only the highest quality bedding is used on these luxurious beds. Each bedroom is also equipped with a computer desk and chair, an alarm clock and a wide screen TV.

Adjoining bathrooms are located next to the bedrooms for privacy and convenience. These bathrooms are designed with granite top vanities and tiled walk-in showers. Professional maid service provides fresh clean linens and towels regularly.

Entertainment Packages 

AFB crash pads also offer the optimum in entertainment. Included in this package is a 60 inch wide screen television, unlimited satellite service that carries all the movie and sports channels and hi-speed WiFi internet service. 

If flight students prefer to entertain outside, there is a patio area that includes a grill, ping pong table and corn hole board. This gives soon to be pilots a great way to socialize with each other while enjoying relaxing times outdoors.

You may look into a product like Altus AFB crash pads, that are conveniently located near the training base. This makes travel to and from the training area quick and easy. Student pilots can be at the Air Force training base within only five minutes so there are never any issues with timeliness.

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