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Escaping The Freezing Cold: 3 Places To Book A Flight And Hotel For The Winter Months

Are you looking to avoid the chilly temperatures this winter? No one enjoys scraping ice off their windshield morning after morning or shoveling snow out of the driveway. Doesn't it sound so much more appealing to visit the rainforest to see a toucan for the first time or dig your toes deep into the warm, white sand on a beach? If you're uncertain where to go, here are three places that you may want to consider traveling to and a look into what you will be able to experience there:

1. Head to the Rainforest in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has a little bit of everything for everyone. You will find a lush rainforest, white-sand beaches and diverse wildlife. You can opt to go on a real adventure by staying in one of the lodges deep inside the rainforest or you can stay in luxury in one of the numerous all-inclusive resorts along the beach. Regardless of where you stay, you'll enjoy warm weather with very limited rain since the winter months are some of the driest for Costa Rica. Ultimately, the best time to visit is between the middle of December and the end of April.

2. Hit the Ballroom in Buenos Aires.

Sure, you may be able to learn to tango at the corner studio down the street, but you wouldn't also get the beautiful scenery that you would get by traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Buenos Aires is not short on tango halls where you can take private or group tango lessons. After all, it is believed that the passionate tango dance originated from the area, although the dance's exact origins are unclear. You'll learn everything from basic posture to the most elaborate steps of the dance. You'll experience the spring season if you travel between September and November, which means you will make it before the heat waves occur. If you opt to travel during the months of October or November, you'll be able to watch the beautiful jacaranda trees bloom, which is a one-of-a-kind sight.

3. Explore Ancient Temples with Detailed Carvings in Cambodia.

The best time to head to Cambodia is between November and February. There will be plenty of other tourists there as well, but the temperatures are perfect for anything that you want to do. During these months, you should opt to visit the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. The temperatures are warm and the climate is dry, which makes it the perfect time to explore the capital in its entirety without being interrupted by rainfall. Don't forget to head to the South Coast beaches where you can sunbathe or explore the crystal-clear water during a scuba diving quest.

Make sure to do your research and find the best deals on flights, hotels and possibly rental cars. You can usually save by purchasing these in a package. In fact, you may want to consider finding an all-inclusive resort so that you just pay one price for the room, dining and possibly some activities. Don't forget to also consider hiring a local tour guide who is knowledgeable with the area and the things to do. It may make the difference between a memorable trip and a terrible one. If you end up staying in Hawaii, stay at The Breakers Hotel.

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