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Things to Consider When Booking a Hotel With Pets

If you're traveling with pets and plan on staying in a hotel with them, there are important steps to take as to ensure you have amazing experiences with them. These in particular can help you make the right hotel accommodations when pets are involved. 

1. Refine Hotel Search to Strictly Pet-Friendly Options

You must remember that a lot of hotels actually don't accept pets—whether it's cats, dogs, or birds. You need to refine your hotel search to strictly pet-friendly options. Then you won't end up wasting time on hotels that won't accept them and won't make any exceptions to their pet rules. After refining your search, verify the hotels accept pets by calling and asking directly. Then you can make sure you're focusing on the right hotel options. From there, it's just a matter of researching and comparing the select pet-friendly options you do find.

2. See How Many Pets Are Acceptable

Even if you find hotels that do accept pets, there might be a limit on quantity. It may be two, three, or only just one pet. Since hotel policies are different in this regard, you need to consider how many pets you're planning to take to a hotel while on vacation. If you see that a hotel has a limit and your own quantity is above it, you're not out of luck just yet. You may be able to bargain with the hotel in exchange for something like paying an extra fee for the pet deposit. Just find a hotel that is willing to work with the number of pets you're planning to travel with.

3. Assess Pet-Relevant Fees

Every hotel that accepts pets will more than likely have fees, like an aforementioned pet deposit. You'll probably have to pay it up front so knowing what these fees are in advance can help you plan the right way. Some hotels may be cheaper than others. You just need to find out this pricing information before making a pet-friendly hotel selection. Make sure you indicate breed of pet too because sometimes that can affect how much you end up paying.

If you're going to a hotel with pets, you want to plan for these accommodations as early as you can. Assess key things like price and quantity limits so that when you drop your pets off at the hotel, there is no problem and you can go on your way. 

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